NANNA LARSEN - A golden award winning songwriter and singer


NANNA LARSEN has 3 solo albums and 16 singles on Danish National Radio. This Copenhagen based singer-songwriter toured Europe and USA multiple times, and played prestigious music industry like SXSW og Canadien Music Festival.

Performing live and solo with her own song on the Eurovision Song Contest and The Voice Of Denmark, she's also a songwriter/topliner and has had top Billboard singles in ASIA with big selling artists like E- Girls, J Soul Brothers, Da-ICE, Mai Kuraki & Gu9udan. 

Currently she has a duo-project with the legend in danish music industry; Ivan Pedersen. The vocal duo is releasing singles and an EP this year, and teaming up with Inearmusic, the duo will be touring in 2023.

Andy Goggin

Andy Goggin is a singer and songwriter whose work has taken him across continents.

Recent projects include the recording of a new album of duets co-written with a collection of powerhouse female songwriters/vocalists. Two tracks from the project are to be featured in the American national television series, Synchronicity.

He has been invited to The House of Songs (Austin, TX) where he has collaborated with other prestigious songwriters. His entries, “Jesus and the Man in the Moon” and "Waterfall" are prize winners in the international Song of the Year contest.

Andy Goggin has built a successful career around his musical talents. He has a full catalogue of original songs and a range of artists recording his work. He collaborates and co-writes with musicians from around the world, He encompases an incredible range of genres and stylistic approaches.

Andy Goggin as a coach is known to have a sharp eye for English lyric composition, song structure and a musical ear for hooks.